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Why Hiring an Experienced Short Sale Agent is Important.

If you need to sell your home for any reason and you are like most of San Diego’s 30% of “underwater” homeowners who owe more on their homes than they are worth, then a short sale is most likely your best solution. Choosing the right short sale Realtor®, with the experience necessary to succeed, may end up being the most important choices that you make.

Once you’ve made the conclusion to short sell your home, you will need to make the next important decision, choosing the right short sale agent.  Like any important matter that affects you and your family, the best solution is to educate yourself.  Before determining whether a short sale is right for you or not, you educated yourself on the process, on why it is best for you, and other pertinent information.  In the same manner, we suggest that you educate yourself when making the decision of who to hire as your short sale Realtor®.

Daniel Vachon is an experienced  Short Sale Realtor®.

Of course, like any agent, we are here to promote our reasons why you should choose us as your experienced short sale Realtor®.  So, since you know that’s coming, here you are:

We are Experienced

Experience is always important in any business, but when short sales are involved, it is the most important characteristic when hiring a short sale agent.  A short sale in itself is completely foreign to many agents and even the ones who have conducted “some” short sales still do not know the ins-and-outs if the instance the transaction has any unusual situations arise.

These can include value problems, mortgage insurance or additional lien holders, government programs, or even a buyer trying to cancel their offer before receiving short sale approval.  This list can go on and on, and if your agent lacks the experience in these situations, the short sale could result in exactly what is intended to be avoided, foreclosure.

Fortunately, this list of “situations” is a part of our experience and what has helped sharpen our proficiency in short sale transactions.

We are Internet Savvy

There was a time when simply holding an open house or placing an ad in the San Diego Union Tribune was sufficient exposure to market a home.  Unfortunately, today is different.  As most top Realtors® will agree, marketing efforts should be especially focused to provide the right exposure for your home with the use of…internet marketing.

Internet marketing does not mean just placing your home within our local MLS.  It means utilizing all of the top real estate sites like, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, and even the powerful Craigslist.org.  It also means utilizing social media, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.  These are only a few aspects of what we call our Smart-Marketing Plan.

We truly are technologically savvy, with this website as one of our active pieces of proof.  This website you are looking at right now, www.theLinkedGroup.com, was completely built and created by the hands (fingers, rather) of Daniel Vachon.  If we can build websites from the ground-up, we can build online marketing that works.

We are Professional

To us, professionalism means treating clients and all other parties involved in the transaction with respect and empathy at the highest level.  What client doesn’t want a true professional when dealing with the biggest financial decision of their entire lives? Obviously it’s a rhetorical question but with social media at an all-time high, it seems professionalism is becoming lost and blurred.

Professionalism is not only necessary when dealing with our clients, it is also critical when dealing with buyers, buyer’s agents, buyer’s lender, and believe it or not…your lender (the short sale lender).  There are countless situations where things can get heated in a transaction.  Keeping emotions out of the transaction is not optional.  Believe it or not, a lack of true professionalism and respect towards the other parties involved can be a cause for a transaction to fail.  Limiting the possible issues that we can control will only help us the succeed.

Still not convinced?  That’s ok…

If you still are not convinced that we are your perfect fit, we can understand.  However, in our spirit of what we most advocate, be sure to educate yourself before choosing your short sale Realtor®.  Here’s how to educate yourself on your next prospective short sale agent:

  • Be sure that the short sale agent is a Realtor®.  Read here for more info on the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor®:  About Realtors®.
  • Be sure the agent has experience in short sales.  Ask how many short sales they have closed.  Short sale proficiency is not attainable until at least 12 or more short sales have been successfully transacted.
  • Be sure that the agent has handled short sales directly, not through an outsourced short sale processing company.  Many short sale agents will pass the work off to a “professional” short sale processing company.  A “professional” short sale processing company is nothing more than other real estate agents in a company organization performing the actual processing duties.  Just remember, if the agent passes the work off to someone else to handle, they are not necessarily the one with the experience.
  • Be sure that the agent, or the agent’s brokerage, or the agent’s outsourced short sale processing company does not charge any upfront fees.  A short sale should not cost you any upfront (or even during the transaction) fees.
  • Be sure that the agent you hire will be the agent that you work with.  Many short sale agents will immediately pass you off to their “team,” their assistants, or even their outsourced processing company.  Do you want to work with the person that you hired, the one that is supposed to be the expert, and the one that you are expecting to develop a trusting relationship with?  Or with an assistant?
  • Be sure that the agent you hire is not also going to be the buyer of your home.  In nearly all of these cases, these are licensed real estate agents who are also investor purchasers looking to purchase a home at a discount to only turn around and sell at a profit.  Who’s best interest will they have in mind?  If their offer, which will typically be far below market value, is not approved by the lender, you run the risk of being foreclosed on due to a failed transaction.  Is there any risk for them?  No.

In our opinion, the best way to make a prudent decision is to educate yourself. Keep reading…


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